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With professional knowledge and rich manufacturing experience, we have gained trust from our customers and provided them a satisfying taste for their taste buds.

Guangweixiang Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, and its operation is mainly focused on R&D, Manufacturing, and Sales for food enhancement. Our company has more than ten years of expertise and experience in spices and seasonings, has a strong research and development team, and has passed ISO 22000 and HACCP food safety management system verification. For the products, we provide customers with strict quality control of international standards. High-quality and quality-guaranteed products, and we continue to develop new products to meet the needs of the market and users.

Guangweixiang closely integrates the upstream and downstream food industry chain, and constantly develops and researches high-quality spices and seasoning formulas. We mainly serve food factories, chain restaurants, brand series, etc., conducts new product development and share successful experience in domestic and foreign markets, and assisting in the food production line of the processing plant is established, and the standard SOP mode of chain franchising is provided.
In line with the concept of full service, from product development, raw material advice, technical teaching, process planning, and equipment integration, etc., establish new brands and create dietary trends.

  • Formula And Product
    Design And Development

  • Market Segmentation
    Product Positioning

  • Equipment Integration Recommendations

  • Technical Instruction

  • Standard SOP
    Process Planning

  • 2020

    111 products have passed HALAL certification.

  • 2018

    Malaysia Branch Was Established.

  • 2013

    Passed ISO 22000 and HACCP food safety management system verification.

  • 2008

    Export to countries such as the United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia, China…etc.

  • 2004

    Established GuangWeixXiang Development Co., Ltd.


The pursuit of excellence is our corporate culture. The company actively innovates and improves technology, enhances flavor and quality, and practices the spirit of excellent.


Only happy employees can have satisfied customers, and only satisfied customers can have the momentum of sustainable operation. Listen to the voice of customers, meet customer requirements, and continuously improve themselves.


In order to have consistent and excellent quality, Guangweixiang carefully selects raw materials from the source, introduces professional hardware and software equipment, and provides a variety of carefully selected products. Guangweixiang has obtained a number of international certifications, providing customers with safe, secure, and hygienic products.

Customize The Exclusive Taste With Your Heart

The R&D department can produce the most suitable taste for customers and produce products with stable quality.


Through communication, and understand the needs of customers

Development period

After repeated testing, development within 1-2 weeks

Communication period

Product communication positioning

Correction period

1-2 weeks

Officially launched

Establish SOP

R&D is like an artist, giving food soul. We have accumulated a lot of domestic and foreign experience and big data. For Taiwan, food is not only a culture, but there are also differences between North and South. Therefore, R&D will make innovative reforms for different food cultures. We have also established a database to be more precise in execution. Tasty is a science, and the key lies in technology.

Science in seasoning

Ingredients and science are hard to associate together, and laboratory and delicacy cannot be equated!
The Guangweixiang Food Laboratory acts as a relay station for food spices to delicious on the table

Guangweixiang has a wealth of market experience for thousands of customers. In order to provide customers with safe and qualified products, it continuously improves its management process and implements a strict food safety management system to continuously improve product safety and overall competitiveness, and thereby make customers feel at ease.

Comply with
food safety regulations

Small quantity
customized production

turnkey service

Standardized production

International Certification

production space

Regular disinfection

Production process

  • Comply with dust-free independent production space production, and biotechnology-grade mixing equipment ensures consistent quality.
  • International food professional certification (ISO22000, HACCP, FDA), to provide customers with safety and health protection.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Food Safety and Hygiene Management Law, daily environmental disinfection, monthly outsourcing professional plant-wide disinfection, and provide qualified vector control implementation plan.

Provide diversified turnkey services

Guangweixiang specializes in product development and manufacturing. From product demand planning to product settings, formulas, regulations, packaging design, market trends, etc., it develops products with precise needs, creating product uniqueness and marketing advantages

Advantages of flexible manufacturing

The era of customization is coming. In order to create differentiated products, a small amount of diversified customized needs derives a flexible customized production system, providing a small amount of customized R&D and production services.

Health and Food Safety Control Must Be Deployed In Advance

Food safety issues emerge in endlessly. Food safety relies on management and manufacturing, not just inspections. It pays attention to preventive management of food safety and establishes food safety plans. We carefully check every control point. We know that consumers need safe, safe and hygienic food.

Raw Material Traceability Management

Raw materials enter the factory for individual inspection and management, starting from the source of production, to truly check the safety and quality of spices, establish a database of raw materials manufacturers, control the source and origin, and require suppliers to attach qualified inspection reports, origin certificates and COA Data, etc., to ensure the traceability of each batch of raw materials.
In addition to conducting self-management inspections, it also combines periodic external inspection plans to strictly control the quality of raw materials and products.

Quality Control

The storage space and exclusive condiment room are equipped with controlled temperature and humidity, monitoring, and inspection records to ensure the freshness of raw materials and reduce quality deterioration.

Continuously implement product retests and focus on detailed control.

  • Impurities and foreign matter: Use the sieving method to eliminate impurities and foreign matter.
  • Moisture detection: Use a moisture analyzer to detect the moisture content to ensure quality.
  • Salinity and sugar content testing: use a salinity meter and a sugar content meter to test each product.

Test the physical and chemical properties of the finished product, and keep the samples until the expiry date to analyze the deterioration.

From raw material purchase, to process quality inspection and finished product sampling inspection, each step is strictly controlled, and the protection mechanism of raw material safety and health is continuously implemented.

Quality Improvement

Refer to relevant domestic and foreign laws and regulations, and cooperate with the updates of laws and regulations in a timely manner.

Continuously improve production and management processes, enhance product safety, quality and competitiveness, so that customers can use it with peace of mind.

Committed To Product Certification

Has obtained ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, FDA certifications, and has done a level of check for each consumer
  • Weixian B inspection report
  • New Orleans Seasoning Inspection Report
  • Provence seasoning inspection report
  • Thickener F inspection report
  • Thickener F inspection report
  • Thickener F inspection report

Focus On Developing Overseas Markets

Efforts to cooperate with customers to develop local flavors and provide regulatory integration. With rich experience in export sales, products are sold to Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei and Australia.
United Kingdom
United States

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