Use database data to develop ready-to-eat conditioning packages that are closer to the market

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Combining existing equipment with new thinking to create soul goods

The post-epidemic era has changed our consumption habits. Finding simple, fast, and ready-to-eat meals through the big data database will be the future catering consumption trend.

The modern family has a simple population, small servings, and multiple choices of products, through simple “heating and cooking” or “additive cooking” to meet consumers’ different catering needs

Understand the customer’s production equipment and target customer groups, use database analysis, and suggest the direction of new product development to focus on “ready-to-eat conditioning packages”


Through big data analysis, help customers develop new products that are closer to market demand

Test Subject
  1. Develop products-unpack ready-to-eat cold dishes
  2. Develop products-heat water-free instant preparation package
  3. Cooperate with customers’ production equipment to develop products


Products are closer to market demand


Improve frozen meat products Improve taste

10 minutes serving

Simplify cooking methods

Customer's Problems

  1. Most products are pre-fried with powder-coated paste for refrigeration
  2. Products such as powder-coated and pre-fried are prone to produce wastewater from frying powder.
  3.  Modern people’s dining habits have changed, preferring less frying and simple cooking products
  4. frozen meat tissue destruction, poor taste, firewood inelastic
  5. existing production equipment, product categories subject to the limitations


  1. Use big data database to understand market trends and demand products
  2. Educate customers to “Shufei” not only to develop “Shufei chicken breast” products
  3. Use the “Shufei” sous vide cooking method to achieve uniform ripeness. There may be externally cooked, internally cooked, or overcooked.
  4. Develop products that are simple to cook, ready to eat, or cook with simple ingredients

How To Solve

Find out the marketable products

  1. Analysis on the basis of data database
  2. Understand customer’s production equipment and process
  3. Planning products by the market trend and suits with factory process.

Step by step to solve the problem

  1. Due to the epidemic, consumers began to reject dine-in, which caused a great impact on dining habits
  2. We analyzed big data for our customers and learned that the sales of ready-to-eat conditioning kits are gradually increasing, so we planned 6 items for customers Product
  3. After many blind tests, choose the perfect product ratio
  4. Think about how to introduce delicious products into the process and simulate factory production operations

Mission Accomplished

We plan to sell products that are extremely satisfactory to customers.

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