The franchisee of the chain cold drink plans to create its own brand

Using the pyramid to plan the menu.

Mr. L from Taichung and Wife are originally engaged in the financial industry. For many years, they have wanted to realize their catering dreams. After learning about the franchise systems of many chain cold drinks, they decided to join a system.
After 3 months of practical training, he officially starts operating.
During the first two or three years of hard working, business was pretty good.
After nearly 10 years of operation, the store decoration is outdated and surpass by competitors with new equipment and decoration. In addition, the brand is gradually aging, and the core value gradually disappears. After failing to communication and coordination with the franchise headquarters, I decided to create my own brand.


to create a brand and assist family members abroad to start a business.

test subject

milk cap is the main line, and a series of beverages are developed.
(Original milk cap, peanut milk cap, sesame milk cap, cheese milk cap, etc.)


Raw material cost control more effective

Pyramid module

Help designing menu


Simplify the operation process

Customer's Problems

  1. The headquarters is aging, and the product positioning is contrary to the current trend.
  2. The preparation of beverage SOP is too cumbersome, which is disadvantageous to the education and training of employees, and the turnover rate of employees is high.
  3. The price of raw materials purchased through the headquarters is on the high side.
  4. Unable to find a factory that can assist in R & D and manufacturing.
  5. Get in touch with the manufacturers can’t assist in R & D, production and product certification.


  1. Collect and provide the current popular beverage information.
  2. Listen to customers’ needs.
  3. Assist customers to design new product portfolio and integrate raw material sources.
  4. Planning SOP and adjusting the operation process for customers.
  5. Provide one-stop service of R & D, manufacturing and product certification.

How To Solve

  1. Collect the current beverage products and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the products.
  2. Using the pyramid model to plan the menu.
  3. Starting from the advantages of raw materials, design the menu and modify the formula ratio.
  4. Provide one-stop service of R&D, manufacturing, and product certification.
  5. Plan and set SOP and develop the operation process and assist in adjustment.

Solve the problem step by step

  1. Design the proportion of products on the menu, 80% of the profit in the store comes from 20% of the dishes in the menu.
  2. The formula, cost and product refinement are controlled from the raw material side, and the proportion is precisely fine-tuned.
  3. According to the database, find out topical and trending hot-selling products.
  4. Planning the export of raw materials and related inspection regulations.

Mission Accomplished

we have planned the products that are extremely satisfactory to customers

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