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Go into the Southeast Asian market

Going to Southeast Asia for development is the current economic trend, and Taiwanese food has a place internationally because of bubble milk tea. This makes foreign countries starting to pay attention to Taiwanese cuisine. The client hopes to develop Taiwanese cuisine in Malaysia. But it takes a lot of effort to introduce Taiwan’s authentic flavors into Southeast Asia.

Taiwanese started their own business in Malaysia and developed a small amount of soup base for oyster noodles. Step by step, consider how to use local existing ingredients to cook the nostalgic oyster noodles.

After completing the initial research and development, the customer began to hope to expand in the counties and cities in Malaysia, and the problem surfaced again. The customer began to worry about how to copy the formula to the employees perfectly, which made the customer education and training for the employees unable to be completed in a short time. .

The customer hopes to find the help of the manufacturer, but gets a reply from the manufacturer-because the quantity is too low to be developed.

GW Seasonings received the customer’s request and assisted the customer to develop the formula of the seasoning powder to facilitate the SOP of the integrated product production. Add fast food ordering speed and stable quality products. The quality of each branch is guaranteed and the inventory and cost of raw materials can be better controlled.


The fresh recipe is professionally transformed into a unified recipe to effectively manage the flavor of each store.

Test Subject
  • Development of Taiwan oyster noodle soup
  • Design a simple SOP
  • Ensure the stability of quality


Quality stability

Effectively count inventory

Clear inventory management


Costs reduced

Customer's Problems

  • Unable to develop and produce in small batch
  • Relying on high import cost and large single order quantity
  • Insufficient storage space
  • Increase the risk of overdue goods


  • GW Seasonings provides small batch production, reduces inventory pressure
  • GW Seasonings customizes authentic Taiwanese flavor formulas.
  • Maintain the stability of flavor.
  • Continue to introduce different product formulas to update the menu.
  • Diversified product categories



How To Solve

  1. Understand the needs of customers, and conduct small batch research and development for the soup base of oyster noodles.
  2. Ensure that the soup base will not leave the water after cooling, so that the quality of the product can be consistent regardless of whether it is used inside or outside.
  3. Simplify the production steps of products and speed up the education and training of employees.
  4. SOP standardization makes it easy to control costs.
  5. Integrate seasonings into powder to extend their storage time.

The mystery of the soup base

  1. According to the requirements of customers, we have developed a new formula to restore the most authentic Taiwan flavor.
  2. In the test of soup bottom viscosity, pre gelatinized starch was used instead of starch to reduce the phenomenon of water separation.
  3. The soup base powder developed by GW Seasonings has the functions of basic seasoning and gelatinization, so that customers can easily use it in the process of cooking.
  4. GW Seasonings provides small-scale production and packaging, so that customers can easily store in the process of using.
  5. GW Seasonings offers flexible ordering to reduce cost and storage pressure.

Mission Accomplished

We helped our customer to design a perfect oyster noodle soup base

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