A Joint Cooperation Between Food Processing Factory And The Famous Ma La Hot Pot Brand: Ma La X Chicken Chop

The Trend Of Joint Cooperation Is Gradually Increasing. By Seizing This Opportunity We Can Create New Flavors And Attract More Consumers’ Attention And Interest.

The famous Night Markets, Food Trucks, and Shopping Mall snacks that can be seen everywhere in Taiwan is the Fried Chicken Chop. Major brands have their own unique formula and their own secret recipe for their crunchy crust. What’s the difference between each brand’s chicken? What’s the key to their deliciousness? It’s the marinade recipe, batter, and their S.O.P for their Chickens.

Assist Consumers In SWOT Analysis

GuangWeiXiang conducts SWOT analysis for customers and helps consumers clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of each customer. We will help customers design effective SOPs and products based on SWOT analysis. Guangweixiang provides customers with suggestions on trends, and enables customers to add new items to meet market needs. Guangweixiang can help customers solve the problems of poor taste and flavor set during the research and development process.


    • Processing factory with perfect equipment
    • Huge source of customers


    • Items are fixed
    • Lack of innovation


    • Cooperate with foreign brands
    • Find new target products based on trends


    • The taste is not good
    • The flavor setting did not meet expectations


  • Issue-01

    Formulation research and development

    Flavor setting, taste presentation
  • Issue-02

    SOP development

    Mass production or small batch use in factories and central kitchens
  • Issue-03

    Cooked food production line

    Increased production rate, powder coating rate, fried powder shedding, oil consumption


Through the analysis of data, Guangweixiang recommends that customers combine chicken chops and spicy pot into “spicy pot chicken chops”. And assist customers from formula research and development, pickling, mashing, flouring, pre-frying, cooling to packaging; Guangweixiang has accumulated more than 15 years of expertise in spice seasoning, relying on big data analysis and professional R&D team, from the company Thousands of raw materials and ingredients form a million possibilities, concoct perfect proportions, and create new flavors and tastes.

Assist in planning process

  • 01

    Parameter test

    1. The research and development team will conduct experiments on the material properties and various parameters of meat products.

  • 02

    Conditioning processing

    2. According to the different parts of the meat, determine the ratio of water and marinade, and suggest the time and method of marinating.

  • 03

    Temperature recommendation

    3. In order to maintain the freshness of the meat, it is recommended to process the product at an appropriate temperature.

  • 04

    Problem improvement

    4. Calculate the production rate, find out the problem and improve it.

  • 05

    Software and hardware recommendations

    5. Evaluate the production process and suggestions for the integration of software and hardware equipment

  • 06

    Develop SOP

    6. Assist in the development of standard operating procedures

Experiment Prototype, Trial Production Verification

After formulating the SOP, we provide customers with small-volume production services, allowing customers to use the products to test consumer responses. After the small-scale production test, the formula details will be adjusted, and then the taste test discussion will be conducted with the customers, and the mass production will start after the final decision.

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