How To Make A Delicious Fried Chicken

I want to simplify the production process, but i don’t know where do i start

Starting a business and opening a store, whether it is Chinese cuisine, Italian-French restaurants, street food, people seek assistance from catering consultants and spend a lot of consulting fees.

Different from other catering consultants, Guangweixiang focuses on marketing and promotion. The company uses big data to provide good product recommendations and consistent production processes. It also assists in cost analysis and uses data to reduce costs, increase profits, and create higher value.

Customers who operate chain catering brands face the problems of lack of integration of ingredients, food spices, and no standardized processes. Therefore, the flavors of meals produced by each branch cannot be stable and consistent.

Guangweixiang visits and observes customers on the spot, and participates in the customer’s operational procedures from planning meals, purchasing raw materials, seasoning and processing, and making meals, and then proposes corrections.
Guangweixiang has ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, and FDA-certified products, providing customers with safe, secure, and healthy products.


Assist customers to optimize their own original products through our expertise(There is no best, only better)

Inspecting Dishes
  • Fried Dishes
    -The appearance of the color performance
    -The coverage rate of the batter is increased
    -Increase the level of texture and taste
  • The establishment of SOP to simplify the production process
  • Tested to meet customer needs


Quality Improvement


Reduced Production Time


Product Stability

Customer's Problems

  • There are many kinds of seasoning ingredients, and there is no easy way to keep them
  • No standardized production process and complicated process
  • Long meal preparation time
  • The food tastes in each franchise are inconsistent


  • Help customers plan a complete SOP to ensure product quality and taste consistency.
  • To increase the convenience of use, Guangweixiang assists in simplifying the production process of the product, so that the chef can unify the standards during the operation process, prepare meals simply and quickly, and train quickly for employees’ training.
  • With a fixed proportion of products, customers can also be more precise in raw material management and cost control.
  • Set the direction of the menu based on the restaurant’s positioning.
  • Provide customers’ quality assurance.

How To Solve

How do we solve the Fried Chicken

1. Adjust the frying time and oil temperature to find the golden ratio
2. Adjust the powder coating process to ensure that the coating of the shell is completely covered
3. Adjust the ratio of salt and pepper, the protein structure of the meat surface is decomposed to soften the meat

The Establishment Of SOP To Simplify The Production Process

1. After many tests to ensure product stability, then only we provide customers to use it with peace of mind.
2. When planning the SOP, simplify the original SOP to reduce the serving time.
3. Design a set of standard flow charts for customers, which can help them in their future education, training and cost management.
4. Discuss with customers, decide on products suitable for customer positioning, and develop them.

Mission Accomplished

Improve the standard process and overall taste of Fried Chicken and Creme Brulees for customers.

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