Experienced overseas trading company creates room temperature hot pot for export to the world

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Customized exotic hot pot soup base stored at room temperature

Mr. Huang, who specializes in export and has been engaged in international trade for more than 20 years, has access to chain supermarkets or stores all over America and Asia. Due to the impact of the epidemic of covid-19, Mr. Huang has received the entrustment of foreign supermarket customers to develop concentrated soup bags with exotic flavors. He hopes to reduce the transportation cost of export by developing products that can be concentrated and preserved at room temperature, so as to facilitate the products to be packaged and exported to various countries in the world for sale. Therefore, Mr. Huang approached GW Seasoning.


In response to market demand, the purpose of this product is to create a quick-conditioning and allow consumers who are affected by the epidemic who can’t go out and usually cook less, to simply cooking at home. Mainly combined with Mr. Huang’s channel, it can quickly deliver all the goods consumer needs.

Test Subject
  • Chinese Soup: Mongolian Herbal White Soup, Mongolian Mala Soup
  • Nanyang Soup Series: Tomyum Soup, Satay Soup, Singapore Laksa Soup


Reduce shipping costs

5 products

Export overseas


Reduce storage costs

Customer's Problems

  • The cost of refrigerated transportation is high and requiring large-scale refrigerated storage space, and the storage cost is too high.
  • Worry about the preservation conditions from country to country.
  • Frozen fresh food is not easy to sell in any country, and there are problems with accessing each channel


  • The product doesn’t need to be frozen, it is convenient to deliver at room temperature, easy to store, and can be stored for a long time without worrying about the storage conditions. The products comply with international shipping and sales conditions.
  • Room temperature products are easier to sell in different countries, including e-commerce channels and online shopping platforms.


How To Solve

  1. In-depth discussion of the post-epidemic era, countries have different demands for products, after flavor and preservation tests, provide products that satisfy customers.
  2. Continuously provide development of new products to meet different market needs.
  3. According to different countries to make different properties, such as powder, liquid.

Experience is the key of winning

  1. GW Seasoning, which has been in Taiwan for many years, has quite deep conditioning skills, plus years of experience in cooperating with foreign manufacturers to cultivate acuity for different markets.
  2. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the world is deeply affected, and countries with more severe epidemics cannot even go out. For this reason, a new home cooking experience is created for customers.
  3. With the cooperation of Mr. Huang and GW Seasoning, fighting back to back to create a better combination of production and sales.
  4. Create a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship between production and sales, and the concept of long-term market management.

Mission Accomplished

We manage to create the soup base stored at room temperature with 5 different flavors

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