GW Seasonings and leisure food manufacturers jointly enter the e-commerce market

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Transformation of traditional sales mode, opening up the game

The customer is a well-known leisure food manufacturer, who has been in this industry for about 10 years.
It started from night market, and then grew into a manufacturer.
In the past, the business model of the customers was to promote their business through exhibitions, and then ship the products to the distributors, who then sell them.
Since then, due to the rise of e-commerce, customers have joined Alibaba and other TV shopping platforms.


As a result of joining the e-commerce platform, customers are all over the world, and the development speed of new products is several times faster than in the past.
While the demand has increased compared with the past, the pressure from competitors have also increased. In order to survive internationally, the
tastes must be changeable and the products must be more in line with world trends.

test subject
  • Developed product-corn soup seasoning powder
  • Developed product-mala spicy powder
  • Developed product-rattan pepper seasoning powder


3~5 new products

developed and tested every season.


successfully transformed from a traditional company, and inventory is reduced by

more than 30%,

Increase efficiency and quality

Customer's Problems

  1. the traditional product sales model, wholesalers ticket for three months
  2. Large inventory in the traditional mode
  3. Products fully controlled by wholesalers


  1. cash flow stabilizes
  2. Produce after orders, inventory to zero
  3. through E-commerce platform reaches B2C sales mode

How To Solve

  1. Helping customers to develop e-commerce marketing mode and import into the market
  2. Reach a tacit understanding of production and delivery with customers
  3. Assist customers to develop new products and lay a solid foundation in e-commerce platform

Solve the problem step by step

  1. With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the e-commerce industry with the original market will further expand with the trend of home economy.
  2. The game’s Libra is out of balance all of a sudden. How can we find our own place and swallow up the competitors?
  3. The market is just this big, and the formers have already stood in their own positions, so the transformation is a challenge. How can we make consumers know you again?
  4. Only those who can catch up with the trend and see the international situation clearly can dominate in the troubled times, conform to the times, and create their own value and clear positioning. What we do is to help customers find their own “market” in the troubled times.

Mission Accomplished

we have planned the products that are extremely satisfactory to customers

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