Difficulties Faced When Starting A Business

There Are More And More People Who Eat Out, But How Do We Eat Healthy And Nutritious?

Emphasizes low GI, low oil, and balanced nutrition. This is the popular “healthy lunch box” for muscle gain and fat reduction. It uses cooking methods such as steaming, boiling and stuffing, and sous-vide cooking of chicken, beef, fish, and etc. And so on, among them, “Sous-Vide Chicken Breast” is the most popular.

The temperature of 1°C and the seasoning of 1g are all factors that affect the taste and flavor. In addition to retaining the nutritional value and taste of the ingredients, the temperature and time of the fat are the key to food safety.

The Dilemma Faced By Consumers

Unstable Stable Marinading Status
The Sous-Vide Time Control And Temperature Control
The Cooking Process Of Vegetable, Changing Its Colour
The Side Dishes Doesn't Bring Out The Layered Flavor
Lack Of Catering Equipment

Customer Complaint Crisis

When A Bento Shop Business Is Described As "Wu Shi", With Short Dining Time And High Concentration Of People
Consumers And Operators Are In An Environment Of Urgency And High Pressure
Unsuccessful Standard Operation Procedures, Will Have Long Waits For Meals, And Wrong Meals Are Ordered, Which Makes The Consumer Impatient And Furious

Adhere to specific quality requirements

In the continuous operation of large-scale enterprises and catering chain brands with fierce competition, the demand for “quality” is particularly important. The main conscientious ingredients, new cooking styles, business success is by no means based on novel and interesting tricks, but after repeated product development adjustments, and continuous revision of the operating process, can we bring customers the most healthy and delicious products.

Analyze international market trends, analyze data, uphold the mission of actively caring about meeting customer needs in all aspects, and combine the upstream and downstream of the industry to connect the food supply chain to create a new industry pattern!

Target Audience

Population: such as gender, age, income, region.
Geography: Where are the residence, work, and leisure places of the target group?
Behavior: differentiated consumers by their behavior, such as lifestyle habits, the timing of purchase, product usage, usage rate, brand loyalty, etc.
Psychology: such as personality, thoughts, and values, especially the pursuit of interests/needs

In the post-epidemic era, the lunch box industry responds

This year, the Covid-19 Pandemic is raging and the provision of internal use areas has become a major concern. Therefore, in the design and planning of the store, we recommend that customers: use take-out lunch boxes, in addition to joining the ranks of pandemic prevention, for operators, save internal use Space maintenance save manpower and hardware planning.

Positioning determines success or failure

Assisting Consumers in researching the market and understanding the consumer preferences and reactions. Aftermarket research, it is found that consumers are increasingly aware of food safety and health (low calorie, low GI) in catering, and define healthy meals based on the “Sous-Vide” series of products. Boxes are for sale merchandise.

To Stand Out In The Fierceful Competitive Market, You Still Need...

Make A Difference

“Healthy Lunch Box” sounds bland, tasteless, and unpalatable. GuangWeiXiang hopes to reverse this impression! Making difference is not an easy task, seeking differences in the same way!
Very light = healthy? The less seasoned, the better?
To be healthy is to eat a “boiled meal”? This is outdated old thinking, there are thousands of ways to cook.

We Are Expert At Seasoning, We Use Natural And Very Low-Calorie Spices To Enhance The Flavor
The Right Kitchen Tools, Using Steaming, Boiling, And Roasting To Cook Can Achieve Better Taste
When Side Dishes That Have A Impact In Taste And Vision Can Make A Healthy Lunch Boxes More Layered Flavor Like Eating In A Michelin Restaurants!

Guangweixiang plans menus for customers and provides culinary guidance. After many samples, communication and adjustments, Guangweixiang formulated their own taste for customers…
“Mom wants to give the family a healthy taste without burden.”

Plan perfect SOP for customers

Simple and Easy Meal Box production process planning is extremely important. Transparent and open kitchen planning, colorful foods, and attractive steamed and roasted main dishes make the waiting time like watching a cooking show!

In the end...

A healthy lunch box belonging to the customer!

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