Break through the framework of the cooked food line

From product formulation development to equipment planning and technology transfer

The customer is a large meat supplier who has been operating in the traditional large market in Port Klang, Malaysia for 30 years. The buyer base is mainly local Malay customers. Because 60% of the people in Malaysia are Muslims, and Muslims only take chicken as the main source of protein, the demand for chicken in Malaysia reaches more than 90%. Customers always use manual production, which cannot maintain the consistency of product quality. GW Seasoning provides customers with a fixed formula to help them improve production and quality control. GW Seasoning also provides technical guidance and equipment suggestions, so that customers can develop all the way from the meat processing industry to the cooked food production line. Breaking the framework of the original processing plant.


Reducing labor costs
Improve product quality

Test Subject
  • Development of frozen meat products


Flavor development


Daily output increase ratio


Product stability increased to

Customer's Problem

  • Insufficient supply for mass production
  • The quality is unstable due to artificial pickling
  • Unrepresentative products
  • No product development capability


  • GW Seasoning helps them setting up new products and new flavors
  • Make differentiated products
  • Introduce cooked food line equipment from Taiwan
  • Provide technical guidance to increase production capacity and stability

How To Solve

  1. According to the taste survey of local people, GW Seasoning put forward a proposal on flavor based on big data.
  2. Coach the customer’s processing procedures to simplify the production process and help them improve the output.
  3. Assist customers to introduce cooked food line equipment and guide them to make products into frozen ready-to-eat products.
  4. Establish its own brand, constantly launch new products and consolidate the popularity of the brand

Business Opportunities for frozen products

  1. The shelf life of frozen products is longer than that of fresh foods, which expands business opportunities.
  2. In response to the production of frozen ready-to-eat products, the equipment has been introduced to present the quality of the products more digitally.
  3. With the continuous establishment of online platforms, the sales of frozen ready-to-eat products have grown by leaps and bounds.

Mission Accomplished

We assist customers in planning products with market competitiveness

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