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Sweet and sour taste – Strawberry Milk Powder

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry, the “Queen of Fruits”! Not only does it have a bright red and super high value, but the fragrance is also so charming, and the sweet and sour taste is unforgettable. People are fascinated by it like poisoning, and it should be listed as drug control! It is because it has absolute influence on the market, and it has its own traffic password. As long as the production season comes, it is a hurricane that sweeps across major markets and platforms, and no one can resist it.

Technology always comes from human nature. GWSeasoning uses professional technology to transform strawberries in season into strawberry milk powder, so that everyone can be immersed in the love atmosphere of strawberries all the time, completely retaining the charm of strawberries. The taste, the milky sweet and sour taste is as good as yogurt drink.
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk powder makes you no longer have to worry about how to obtain it in the off-season. Simply soaking it is a cup of strawberry milk full of love. You don’t need to carefully bathe it and squeeze the juice. How to transform “Strawberry Milk” into a gorgeous evolution, mix it with the fragrant yogurt powder and ice cubes to make a strawberry smoothie, and it can also be transformed into an ice product, shaved into snowflake ice or made into an Internet celebrity popsicle. See the amazing power of traffic passwords!


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