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WHO certified three good oils – sesame oil chicken sauce


According to the internal classics, “nourishing yang in spring and summer, nourishing yin in autumn and winter” is completely different from our general concept of tonic. What is going on? Different schools have different opinions on how to take supplements in any season, but one thing they all mention is to remove dampness. In summer, which is either hot or humid, modern people can almost be said to only stay in air-conditioned places and order more drinks. Ice, more ice, as long as you don’t sweat, the result will easily allow moisture to invade the body and cause various diseases. So in the hot summer, it is occasionally necessary to dehumidify the body! We generally think that sesame oil is a very hot food supplement material, but in fact pure sesame oil is warm and cool! It is because ginger and rice wine are added to the cooking that the sesame oil cooking has become a hot food. Therefore, GWSeasoning wants to break the established impression and launch a “mild version” of “sesame oil chicken sauce”, so that sesame oil cooking can be enjoyed all year round. Edible, not afraid of heat in summer, and warm in winter!Sesame

Sesame oil is one of the three best oils in the world, and chicken sauce made from sesame oil is a dish that is both fragrant and delicious. Sesame oil is an essential seasoning for Chinese cuisine, and a little bit goes a long way in terms of flavor. The streets and alleys of Taiwan are filled with the aroma of sesame oil, due to the popularity of dishes such as sesame oil chicken sauce. Not only is sesame oil chicken sauce a great way to help customers expel dampness in summer, but it is also a winter tonic that can help to tonify the body.SesameOilChicken

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