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The more you eat, the more addictive – pepper marinade


Speaking of Sichuan cuisine, one of the four major cuisines in China, people directly think of the classic combination of Sichuan peppercorns and chili peppers. The “pain and numbness” brought by these two sister flowers to the mouth is the spicy we tasted. This exciting and numbing feeling makes people addicted and addicted to it, the more spicy it is, the higher it is!
That’s right, people are so abused, and now eating spicy food is a world trend. The dishes that were originally not spicy also have spicy options. Guangweixiang is located in the popular spicy food area in Southeast Asia, and must know the essence of this spicy and spicy food, and then launched the classic “Pepper and Maize Marinade”. Choose the Chinese prickly ash, which is of good quality and full of aroma, and is called “Da Hong Pao” as the protagonist. Stir-fry the prickly ash with medium heat, so that the marinade is full of delicious pepper aroma. Not only the flavor is fragrant, but also a little spicy, and the taste is richer.

After the meat is marinated in Guangweixiang’s “Pepper-Hemp Marinade”, whether it is to be steamed, fried, grilled, deep-fried, or fattened, it will look good after cooking. Your mouth is watering! In recent years, Sichuan cuisine restaurants have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, so it is no exaggeration to say that “Jiu numbs people’s mouths thousands of times, and people treat it like their first love”!

Take a look at the top dishes in the restaurant menu. The spicy items will definitely be on the list. Among the various foods in the major supermarkets, there must be spicy options, so there are pepper and hemp-flavored cooking bags, comfort fertilizers, no matter what. It’s super delicious on any festival, and it’s definitely a year-round hot item.

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