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The king of melons, cantaloupe – Melon Milk


Do you want to eat cantaloupe?

A few years ago, cantaloupe became popular again because of strange and funny videos on the Internet. Even the “Accusefive” band wrote this into a song “Do you want to eat cantaloupe?” The cantaloupe is like this, it has the reputation of the king of melons, cantaloupe!
In fact, the nutritional value of cantaloupe is very high, and there are many benefits to the human body after eating. It also has a unique aroma of cantaloupe, and it is also one of the most popular fruits. Therefore, GWSeasoning has turned cantaloupe into a hot-selling drink, called “Melon Milk”, the quality of honeydew melons is strictly selected, and mature cantaloupes are used to make it fragrant and sweet. With professional technology, we have developed a melon milk powder, which is mainly formulated into a fruit milk. The drink is to attack the huge beverage market in the hot summer. This melon milk powder retains the fragrance of the cantaloupe flavor, and you can drink the freshness of the original cantaloupe juice.melon-milk

GWSeasoning’s “Melon Milk” allows you to use it directly, minus the cumbersome juicing procedures, and it is a cup of sweet cantaloupe milk. Smoothies, simple decorations can become popular drinks on the Internet, and they can also be made into ice products, shaved into snowflake ice or made into Internet celebrity popsicles. Let’s say to our friends “Do you want to eat cantaloupe?”

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