【New products】Drink Matcha Latte without Starbucks – Matcha Latte

【New products】Drink Matcha Latte without Starbucks – Matcha Latte


In Japan, matcha is a daily national drink. It is rich in nutrients and has no burden on the body. For matcha fans, the matcha latte of a coffee industry is simply a god-level drink! And its expensive matcha latte, not everyone can afford every day.

Now, drinking such a drink every day is no longer a luxury dream.Japanese_Matcha_Milk_Tea



GWSeasoning uses selected Japanese matcha tea, and adds pure milky fragrance, so that the tea taste is not bitter, and the taste is super smooth, but also brings out a strong milky fragrance, which is not inferior to the matcha latte sold by Starbucks.
Compared with many sweet and greasy beverage products on the market, the matcha latte of GWSeasoning has a rich and smooth taste, rich aroma, rich nutrition and no burden.
Whether it is an iced drink or a hot drink, it makes people feel extremely happy! GWSeasoning selects Japanese matcha latte, whether it is for home use or business use, such as: beverage brands, coffee light meals, brunch restaurants, cultural and creative stores, and even export, it is a hot-selling drink with high CP value.

GWSeasoning has a professional R&D team and precise process technology, which can provide stable products with safe, safe and hygienic quality, and can provide you with one-stop service from R&D, production and sales. We are committed to continuously improving research, developing high-quality products, constantly creating process technologies, providing products that can meet market needs, and customizing to create your own taste.

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