【New products】One Second to Korea – Kimchi BBQ Seasoning

【New products】One Second to Korea – Kimchi BBQ Seasoning


When watching Korean dramas at home, the protagonists often eat meat and drink at the BBQ shop, watching the sizzling appearance of all kinds of meat grilled on the copper plate, and then pick up the crispy and browned BBQ, and match it with Pickled red kimchi is really mouthwatering!
The American health professional monthly magazine “Health” even selected Korea kimchi, Japan soybeans, Spain olive oil, Greece yogurt and lentils from India as the top five healthy foods in the world. It can be seen that Korean kimchi has a special status in popular culture and healthy eating.Korean_BBQ_Seasoning

GWSeasoning used Korean “Kimchi”, based on its kimchi pepper, add bonito, ginger, garlic and sugar to make Korean-style Kimchi BBQ Seasoning, suitable for Shufei , steamed, fried, roasted, fried and other wide range of meat dishes, bringing the fragrant, sweet and spicy tastes suitable for all ages. Whether it is an ordinary family who often cooks, or various Korean barbecue brand restaurants, Korean barbecue izakaya, etc., or even food processing factories, e-commerce brands, etc., this Korean BBQ seasoning of GWSeasoning is suitable.

GWSeasoning has a professional R&D team and precise process technology, which can provide stable products with safe, safe and hygienic quality, and can provide you with one-stop service from R&D, production and sales. We are committed to continuously improving research, developing high-quality products, constantly creating process technologies, providing products that can meet market needs, and customizing to create your own taste.

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