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The rival of tapioca pearls – Coffee Jelly

coffee jelly

Coffee is one of the most well-known beverages in the world. It is sold in cafes, restaurants, beverage stores, convenience stores, and even supermarkets, gas stations, etc.

Today’s people’s demand for coffee is just like water. It seems that they haven’t woken up without a cup of coffee every morning. For this world-famous beverage, smart humans have extended it into coffee jelly. Of course, GWSeasoning also has high-quality “Coffee Jelly”.
People who know coffee know that high-quality coffee has a sour taste. After such a sour taste in the mouth, the tongue will secrete saliva, which is the feeling of sweetness.

The “Coffee Jelly” of GWSeasoning is made from specially selected coffee beans. We save you the complicated pre-work such as selecting beans, processing, roasting, and brewing. The perfect “Coffee Jelly” is not crispy and hard to eat. The flavor of specialty coffee in the mouth is surrounded by aftertaste, without the bitterness of cheap coffee, and with a slight sweetness, every sip is a charming coffee aroma.

If “Coffee Jelly” is to be made into a drink, one of the classic methods is to add milk tea to become an unforgettable “Black Brick Milk Tea”, the other is to add it together with the latte itself to make a “Coffee Jelly Latte”, and More creative ways to mix and match.
Compared with the high-sweetness brewing method of pearls, GWSeasoning’s “Coffee Jelly” has a lower sweetness and seems to be a better healthy choice, and it is also very satisfying.It is definitely a better way to make desserts with such a high-quality “Coffee Jelly”, which completely retains the delicious taste of coffee, and can highlight the flavor level when paired with desserts! Even eating it directly as afternoon tea, drizzled with a little milk, is also an excellent way to eat!

coffee jelly

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