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Like a cool breeze blowing in summer – Blue Coral Drink


Heliopore_drinkIn recent years, everyone’s requirements for drinks are no longer just delicious, but also visual effects, as well as a fashion sense that allows people to check in online, so that guests are willing to pay!

Based on the concept of “ice cream soda” in Taiwan’s childhood, GWSeasoning has developed a dreamy “Blue Coral Drink” powder, which completely retains the flavor of ice cream soda, and carries a sweet taste and refreshing milk fragrance. It is full of memories, and it is even more greasy. It has a blue tone like the blue sky and ocean, creating a dreamy and beautiful visual effect. Under the blue and white gradation of the ocean style, it is as cool and comfortable as walking on the waves on the beach in summer; or it is made into red and blue layers to create a seaside sunset. How can people let it be taken off the shelf without money! And it will definitely attract everyone’s attention by taking photos and posting them on social platforms!

Blue Coral Drink” is a powdered product, which is easy to operate, easy to store, and more versatile. In addition to being a gradient drink, it is also suitable for making sparkling drinks, even smoothies, popsicles or snow ice. Putting fresh fruit or decoration on it can be described as the most dreamy product. GWSeasoning’s “Blue Coral Drink” powder, the color and name are so dreamy, it is completely the traffic password leading the trend, so you don’t have to envy, why other People’s products can take over social platforms, while your own products are bland.

GWSeasoning has a professional R&D team and precise process technology, which can provide high-quality, safe and hygienic stable products, and can provide you with one-stop service from R&D, production and sales. We are committed to continuously improving research and developing high-quality products, constantly creating process technology, providing products that can meet market demand, and customizing to create your own taste.


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