【New products】A breezy summer must have – soda drink of Lychee flavor syrup

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【New products】A breezy summer must have – soda drink of Lychee flavor syrup


Lychee, a fruit that is already very much like a dessert in itself, is sweet and juicy, and the smell of lychee wafting in the air reminds people of the sweetness of their first love.

The aroma of lychee and the sweetness of lychee are all fully presented through this syrup, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to produce the products you want to sell because of the insufficient production of lychee.

Although the production period of lychee is originally relatively short, but in the past, as soon as the production, in the summer of many hot fruits in the lead to win the title, it can be seen that people’s love for lychee is not inferior to toffee, with “lychee flavor syrup” to make a lychee bubble drink, immediately occupy Instagram posts, definitely drive the trend!荔枝風味糖漿The “lychee flavor syrup” to make the girl dessert also need not say much ~ absolutely eye-catching!

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