【Latest News】Aftermeal Dessert – Custard Pudding

【Latest News】Aftermeal Dessert – Custard Pudding

One of a kind pudding – Custard Pudding


What is the main difference between a custard and a pudding? Unlike others pudding use starch as a thickening agent, custard pudding usually uses egg or egg yolk for thickening. Therefore, the custard texture also tends to be firmer than pudding. With its thick creamy sweet taste, it is commonly added to other desserts to enhance the flavor.


The custard pudding is made with simple ingredients, which means it can be made easily with a moderate expenses, a perfect menu for dessert shop! The pudding matches well with various desserts like layer cake, egg tart and cake.
Gwseasoning is specialized in customer customized service and several powdered products. We have been offering customers with high-quality production services to ensure each product meeting with customer’s demands.


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