【Latest News】A Popular Dessert Originated From Taiwan – Taro Ball

【Latest News】A Popular Dessert Originated From Taiwan – Taro Ball

A taste that brings back the good old days – Taro Ball


Taro ball was invented in 1946 in a small cozy town in taiwan – Jiufen Old Street, and now it can be found in every Southeast Asia country. It is made by blending the mashed taro with sweet potato flour and water, resulting in a crystal purple taro ball. The taste of taro ball is similar to sweet potato and its chewy soft springy texture, which is called QQ texture in Taiwan, is what made it a famous dessert. Taro ball usually served with red or green bean soup and grass jelly, but these days you can find different kind of flavors like matcha, peanut and sweet potato.


Nowadays taro ball comes in different shapes and colors, which means it has been widely used in desserts and can be served in many different ways, like the topping of shaved ice and inside bubble tea. Lastly and most importantly, no preservative is needed.
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